Warning because of cybercrime

Warning because of cybercrime

We do not recruit employees!
There is a fake company berneteng.com scamming people!
We don't have a human resources department.

HR Director Ralph Bader is a fake character to scam people!

Or any other character imitating a human resource director does not exist in our company!

There is no human resource director working for our company!

Ralph Bader or someone else promises employment contracts in exchange for money. This is fake. These people cheat other people, mostly in India.

berneteng.com uses our company name and address to scam people, which is prohibited. The people faking Ralph Bader are wanted by the police!

Or other e-mail addresses like barneteng.com are fake e-mails, scamming persons.

Never pay money when your hired.

An employee is never asked for money when he or she gets hired.

When money is asked, then it is mostly a scam!

Please always pay close attention to the server names of e-mails and websites.

We have nothing to do with berneteng.com or any other fake company!

We have nothing to do with barneteng.com or any other fake company!

If you are contacted by berneteng.com or Ralph Bader, or any other faked figure,

promising you a job in Switzerland and asking for money, do not answer! 

Instead, inform the Swiss Embassy in your country. The Swiss Embassy should inform the Swiss Federal Police.

Lukas Herz Law Firm is probably a fake company. There is no company identification number, which is mandatory in Switzerland to conduct legal business.

info@lukasherzlaws.com, www.lukasherzlaws.com is likely to be fake!

Scammers use similar company names and scam people, mostly to ask for money.

Warn all your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

berneteng.com is a fake company.

barneteng.com is a fake company.

HR Director Ralph Bader is a fake figure

Do not reply to emails from @berneteng.com or barneteng.com

Always pay attention to the server names of e-mails and websites!

Report your case to abuse@namecheap.com where the website berneteng.com and e-mail address @berneteng.com is hosted.

To find out where websites are hosted, use (https://lookup.icann.org/en/lookup)

Report your case to abuse@"servername"