METAVERSUM Online City Building Computer Game

METAVERSUM traffic mobility and city planning, real estate and economy

Online City Building Computer Serious Game


We have developed a new, innovative traffic simulation based on quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence and neural networks. Our traffic simulation is very efficient and very accurate compared to real traffic. Traffic conditions can be calculated predictivly very quickly in advance for any point in time of the future.

A laborious traffic matrix is not required. Likewise, traffic statistics or traffic counts are not necessary.

In our traffic simulation, traffic is generated from geographic statistics, such as resident population, workplaces, etc. or statistics of usable space, such as retail space, workshops, etc. With this traffic simulation and the use of graphic statistics, the realtion between traffic, urban growth and the economic success of cities can also be determined.

It has been used and tested in projects with Swiss municipalities for 6 years, with very good results. We have received the patent rights for this traffic simulation. It is protected by the patent law of the United States of America and the European Union (Schengen area).

Game Idea

The background of our city building computer game, the game physics, is based on this real traffic model, as it is also used for real cities for traffic analysis and analysis of the correlation between urban development and economic success. By implementing the new traffic simulation, in our computer game realistic traffic will be generated. It will be possible to recreate real cities and generate real traffic.

Transport planning and urban planning are directly related to the economic development of cities. If the functions (buildings) of a city will be arranged differently, it results in a different economic development. The economic success of a city is largely determined by the arrangement of the functions (buildings) and the traffic conditions.

If traffic would be directed according to the traffic flows, the traffic could be made much more fluid by a smart traffic management system. The duration of daily commuting traffic could be reduced. A significant part of the energy used for transport, as well as CO2 emissions, could be saved.

These correlations will become the game idea. These are topics related to sustainable urban development and sustainable transport planning.


This city building game will have an interface to load real data and statistics from real cities. You will be able to load your own city into the computer game and analyze the real traffic of your city. You will be able to rebuild or expand the city and see what impact it will have into the economy.

In this computer game you will be able to use real analysis tools for traffic and for the economy. You will see, it really depends on where you build shops, where office space, where apartments, where commercial space or factories. Medium sized and smal companies in particular suffer, if the usable space is not built in the right place. You have to pay attention, where you build which space.

You will see that road planning also has a strong impact on the economy. Transport is the engine of our economy. If traffic doesn't work properly, the economy will suffer. In this game you will have to pay attention, how and where you change or build new roads.

Traffic Analysis

In the last 18 years we have developed a traffic simulation based on artificial intelligence, neural networks and quantum physics. The big advantage of this traffic model, no traffic matrix is required, nor traffic statistics. The traffic is generated from geographical data.

We will integrate this traffic model into the computer game. With it, you will experience the real traffic of your real city in your computer game.

Economic analysis of city

We have over 25 years experience in analyzing the economic developments of cities. Our tool is evaluating the economic potential per each location. It gives back values for the profitability of the companies, which uses building space. This tool has been used very successfully for the last 25 years.

We want to share this knowledge with you in this game. The tool tells a city planner or real estate developer where to create space for shops, offices, factories, apartments etc. in order to be economically successful.

Determination of bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways

Another tool we want to share in this game is the determination of bicycle lanes. It is an output of our traffic simulation. In our traffic simulation bicycle traffic can be generated, as well as motorized traffic, public transportation or pedestrian traffic. Because our traffic model does not need a traffic matrix, the determination of bicycle lanes gets easy.

This tool is used very successfully for real planning support in cities, helping cities to determine where to build bicycle lanes. The better bicycle lanes are planned and built, the more bicycles are used for transportation.

In the game we will generate bicycle traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. Another task for the player of this game will be to plan as many bicycle lanes as possible in order to get as many people as possible on the bike. 

Competition to other games

We know, there other city building computer games out there, but the focus of these games is different. They all focus on providing electricity, water supply, building police and fire stations, crime, social security and citizen satisfaction. The game background of these existing computer games is randomly generated. Real traffic or urban economic correlations, as in our computer game, cannot be reproduced in existing computer games.

Criticism of other city building games: For example, in other games to reduce crime, police stations must be built. Police does not help to reduce crime! It only can protect you from crime. In order to reduce crime in a city, a prosperous economy must be ensured. And this is done by creating workshops in places with high economic development potentials. In our game you do not have to build police stations or fire stations, nor there won't be any hurricanes to scare you. The goal of our city building game is to build sustanable cities with sustanable economies and sustanable transportaion systems.

Our city building computer game also has the following intention. Not a single city administration will change its current traffic planning, nor the traffic management, nor the current city planning ideas, until new innovations for traffic and city planning have been extensively tested in computer simulations. That for a computer game is very suitable.

A bout this game for urban planning

In this game you have to build or rebuild shops, office space, manufacturies, apartement buildings etc. in orther to increase the economy and prosperity. Especially the middle class society is very dependent on usable space in places with high economic development potentials. Then their businesses will be economically successful.

To do this, you also have to build the right traffic routes and manage the traffic fluently. A city is very complex. You have to keep track of things and know what to do. Planning a city optimally is very demanding.

Our tools will help you to build an economically successful city. These tools are also used in real life to analyze cities and develop them optimally in order to increase the economic success and prosperity. We want to share this knowledge with you in this computer game.


In 2002 we created our first urban planning computer game, a serious game. It was used at universities for master’s courses. The second edition was created in 2006. In 2008 another edition was presented at the Game Conference in San Francisco. At that time this game was only bought by universities.

There is still one available on Amazon under the name Metropolitan Simulation Game.

After 2008, we developed these tools only for our professional use.

  • A traffic simulation based on quantum physics, artificial intelligence and neural networks. It does not need a traffic matrix and analyzes the traffic predictively. The traffic model is very precise. It can depict real traffic with high precision on large streets, motorways, as well as on small and smallest streets, neighborhood streets, cycle paths and footpaths.

  • An instrument for evaluating the economic development potential of each location of a city in order to find the central location with the highest economic development potential values as well as the future development areas. This tool is used for urban planning as well as for real estate development.

  • A tool for evaluating bicycle routes in cities. It is integrated in our traffic model. We do not need a traffic matrix to evaluate the cycle paths, nor do we have to conduct a survey. It helps to plan and extand the bicycle lane network.

  • A tool for evaluating walking routes in cities. It is also integrated into our traffic model. We do not need a traffic matrix to evaluate the footpaths and we also do not need to conduct a survey.

  • In the traffic model we can depict motorized traffic, public transport, slow traffic, bicycle traffic, pedestrian traffic, etc. In addition, traffic can be separated into commuter traffic, work traffic, shopping traffic, visitor traffic, school traffic, leisure traffic, etc. Separated, it can be analyzed what impact each traffic sort has on the economy of a city.

All these tools and knowledge we want to share in the new city building computer game.

The new city building computer game

The market for computer games is excellent. It is the fastest growing market.

In Germany the market for computer games is currently EUR 6.17 billion. The global market is currently EUR 186.5 billion. By 2027 a market of EUR 259.80 billion is expected with annual sales growth of 6.85%. Comparable computer games sell up to 12 million copies within 5 years.

We expect our computer game to arouse people's emotions to build cities and transport systems more sustainable. As customers, people of all ages are addressed. It will initially be distributed in German-speaking countries, then Europe-wide and in the USA, after further translations worldwide.

Our city building computer game also has the following intention. Not a single city administration will change its current traffic planning or traffic management until new innovations have been extensively tested in computer simulations. For this, a computer game is very suitable.

Actually, our city building computer game would be for professionals, but it will be designed in a way every person will enjoy playing it. Which will increas the market significantly.

The new City Building Game will have the style of the Game Engine Unreal 5. See the demo below.

Demo: Unreal Engine 5 - Traffic Jam

Demo: Unreal 5 Game Engine - Matrix City - A Glimpse at the Future

Unreal Engine 5 Landscapes insane!